Δευτέρα, 4 Μαΐου 2009

Boiling Point

Boiling Point

While working on this print I've always had in mind my comic book hero, "The Jap".
I wanted to make something more with that image and go a bit beyond what one can do in comics.
I've still got some way to go though.
A long way to be sure...

The Stone Lion


Κυριακή, 3 Μαΐου 2009



This was one of the first of my series of drypoint prints. It was made in Folegandros island a few years ago - I think that it was made on Christmas of 2005-2006 or something like that.
I used this print a bit later for two paintings based on Georgios Viziinos' literary works for an exhibition in Athens.


Borderlands 1





Some of the first screenshots that in my opinion proudly show the new art direction for the next project from Gearbox, the coders of "Brothers in Arms", a WWII shooter for the PS3, Xbox360 and pc platforms.
When this game of first announced its graphics showed that it would most likely be your average run-of-the-mill first person shooter and most people didn't really care much about it given the fact that there are many admittedly fabulous games competing for the gamers' attention already: Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Killzone 2 and many others do come to mind.
This radical and most welcome change in its visual style however is just what the doctor ordered and many favourable comments in various forums reflect that.

The art style chosen for Borderlands looks very similar with the one that was chosen for two games in the past.

One is Crackdown by Realtime Worlds:


The other is the newest Prince of Persia by Ubisoft:


As seems to be my usual mantra I hope that the game plays as well as it looks - and hopefully there's going to be some gameplay videos to satisfy that wish.

Σάββατο, 2 Μαΐου 2009


I had some trouble with a couple of large-scale works and decided to invite a friend over to my studio in order to get a response whoch might be helpful.

And I was right: our talk and some of Leonidas' thoughts on one of the works helped me to overcome the block. I started painting my first explosion on works other than comics and it worked beautifully.
Why is it that every time I try to paint I get this crippling mental block which prevents me from allowing direct influences from media deemed more popular (and supposedly more vulgar...) like sci-fi movies or comicbooks or most importantly videogames?
Things that I'd be doing without a second thought on my comics such as this:

The Jap III p.5

I have serious trouble when I try to use them while painting a work.
And it's ridiculous because with painting you have no constraints of scale, medium, materials or otherwise.

No constraints except from those which are self-imposed and have not been yet clearly identified in order to be addressed - and hopefully eradicated...

Πέμπτη, 30 Απριλίου 2009

PixelJunk Eden

An amazing game with a truly fascinating art style - and not mentioning it sooner is a huge omission on my part...

Giants and Colossi.

This fight reminded me of the Giants in "Shadow of the Colossus", an amazing game for the PS2 way back in 2005 developed by Team ICO.

A video review by gametrailers for SotC is this one which is showcasing some of the aforementioned amazing colossi:

This is an extensive gameplay video from a highly anticipated new game exlusive for the PS3 called "Infamous".
It really looks like Grand Theft Auto IV with super cheat codes enabled to the maximum - and it was about time someone tried doing things with a little bit of fantasy and not so realworldish.
Hope the game is truly as good as it looks and - seemingly - plays.
It's out on May 26th 2009.

Πέμπτη, 9 Απριλίου 2009


This is the intro for a new game by Radical called "Prototype".

Looks quite promising - but I'm somewhat skeptical about how it would play out, if it will have a good way to prolong the "wow!" factor of playing such a powerful character and also how the city will feel like (especially after Grand Theft Auto VI...)

We'll see. It's out on June 6th so the wait will finally be over - I've been watching this since it was first announced.
Really hope that it'll be worth it.
It's such a shame that there are no good games out that do more than just shoot anything that moves - the sky should have been the limit. Even in the instance of blind rage and homicidal violence as seems to be the premise of this game.

Κυριακή, 5 Απριλίου 2009

The dishwasher dead samurai

This is a trailer of the awesome "The Dishwasher Dead Samurai" game by James Silva.
It's a game that features very responsive controls plus a very distinct aesthetic which is very appealing and coherent throughout the game.
These characteristics make Dishwasher a joy to play and to behold.
The game designer used the xna creators club platform to create and launch his magnificent game on Xbox Live Arcade through XBL Marketplace.
It's an amazing game and what makes it even more remarkable is that it's the work of just one man with no huge megabillion budget corporations to back him and done on his spare time.
It's games like these as well as others like Flower, Linger in shadows, Braid, flOw, PixelJunk Eden and Monsters etc. that provide inspiration for something different that is still to come apart from the constant stream of FPSs coming from the more or less very conservative big studios.
And don't get me wrong: I very much like FPS games.
It's just that one can't live on cheeseburgers indefinitely...

Σάββατο, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2009

Study for a city


This is an older work made on a gesso panel with egg-tempera and gold leaf as a small study for planes in a golden sky above my cities and towers.

NEW Little Big Planet Gameplay. HD

This is a trailer for the fanastic and immensely creative Little Big Planet game on the PS3 console.


The aim of this blog is to discuss and analyze the relationship between video games and the so-called Visual Arts.


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